Sustainable Value Chain

Sustainable Value Chain of Biodiesel

It is crucial to understand that when we think in sustainability, it mean the development of existing resources, they are economic, environmental or social. BIOD S.A is do not conform to the contributions in the traditional biodiesel chain, we present this colombian 100% value project that aims to reduce more environmental pollution, generate more employment and take advantage of the fatty residues produced in the chain food.

The chain is a measurable and traceable, sincere, sustainable solution and goes beyond for all of us and our families to have a better planet to live. It begins in sustainable oil palm plantations in the Llanos Orientales, where the fruits are sent to the extractors and later a refining is generated, obtaining a refined, bleached and deodorized oil, which can be used as raw material for the production of Biodiesel , But which in this case will be used as frying oil.

After its use, through a distribution chain, the Vegetable Oil Used (AVU) is harvested from different sectors where it is consumed, with specialized transport units, and afterwards it is treated with the highest quality standards, to be carried To the production plant of BIO D SA, in Facatativá, ensuring that it becomes clean energy and supporting the national agricultural sector; So that the raw material used does not compete against the food chain but passes through it, generating more value and a more positive balance in the carbon footprint and the reduction of greenhouse gases.