Environmental Management

Awards "Portafolio Magazin"

Bio D's achievements in protecting the environment are aligned with Colombian environmental policies seeking to be more sustainable every day, to be a world-class company and to produce intelligent energy for a sustainable future.

Bio D was among the companies being finalists at the "Portafolio magazin" awards in the category protection of the environment. The Portafolio magazin awards are recognized as the most important recognition of business and academic management of Colombia, where companies and Colombians citizens who contribute to the construction of a better country stand out.


Water care


Our commitment to the resource water is a daily task in the development of our corporate activities, thanks to the contribution of our employees in the care and efficient use of water each year we are exceeding our objectives.


Our carbon footprint in the process of producing biodiesel using used vegetable oil, we are reducing greenhouse gases by 81%.

Important Important, With a liter of biodiesel produced from used vegetable oil one can drive a vehicle for 8.7 km on average.

The environmental balance is positive for our company. We have a closed cycle of management of water, most of the waste is used for the manufacture of other products, we exceed environmental standards.

Bio D Within its environmental social responsibility has executed several projects in the municipality of Facatativá such as the planting of plant materials with native species according to the restoration plan, cleaning days in water sources, seeding of fingerlings, support in the aqueducts veredales, between others.