Seedlings of PEACE

The Church of Facatativá has been developing, with BIO D support, the "Peace Sowers Movement" through the creation of seedlings as a space for children and young people seeking to strengthen skills, talents and behaviors, Family, peace, values, culture and environmental conservation



The recipients are children and young people between 4 and 16 years of age living in places such as:

  • Vereda Mancilla: 3 Seedlings located in the Sectors of "Moravia", Km 46 and "Puente Pino"
  • Vereda Pueblo viejo 1 Seedlings
  • Barrio Manablanca 1 Seedlings
  • Community dining room "Granito de Mostaza": 1 Seedlings

Clindren: 160

Animators: 15